Thursday, November 23, 2017

Week 5 vs Union City

Jr. Pee-Wee's: Colts - 31, Pirates - 6

Jr. Midgets: Colts - 14, Pirates - 13

Midgets: Colts - 6, Pirates - 24

Game Times

Saturday, October 10th

One step forward, two steps back is just about the best way to describe today for the Pirates.

Once again our Mighty Mites showed up, and showed out! The best thing about this team is their aggression. From player to player, they all swarm to the ball every play on defense, and not one of them shy's away from contact at any time. On offense, once again, it was big play after big play. They found themselves in the end zone over and over again. It was an over all great effort by the little dudes.

What was that? Two steps back? Yup... that's how our Jr Pee-Wee's game ended up. We saw a lot of the same progress and big play ability that was present in the week prior, but the consistency was not there against the Colts. They fought and scrapped, but in the end they were out manned, out numbered, and simply out-sized. Keep fighting guys, you guys will get there.

And now to the Jr. Midget game. In case you're wondering, here's the second step back. This was actually a very good game, despite having our Pirates fall short. A lot of back and forth plays from both sides, but when the final whistle blew the Colts escaped with a 1 point victory. We made our fair share of big plays, but we also had our fair share of costly mistakes. And that's what ultimately did the Pirate JM's in. Not to take anything away from Union City, because they have a very talented, well coached Jr Midget team that did everything they needed to do to get the win.

Saturday's Midget game was as entertaining as any game we've seen in a long time (if you're a Pirate fan!). We saw things from this team that we have known was there, but had not seen this season. This game had it all! Long runs, long pass plays, big hits, everything you can hope to see in a football game. And when it was all said and done our Midgets, although short-handed, walked away with a well deserved win. Needless to say this was the bright spot of the day.
Good job to the entire Pirate Nation, see you ALL at practice this week!